Thank you for visiting (the “site”). We respect your privacy and value your relationship with us. This privacy policy describes how we collect and use personal information collected on the site.

Please read this privacy policy before submitting any personal information on this site. By using the site, you are accepting the policies described here. We suggest that you review the privacy policy whenever you use the site to ensure that you fully understand how your personal details will be used and are aware of any changes we have made.

  1. Information we collect and how we use it

We do not need any personal information if you simply browse the site. However, if you intend to register to use the site, we may ask you to provide certain personal information that will be used to identify you or to enable us to communicate with you about your status either online or offline. We may require information such as your email address, postal address, name and cell phone number. All these personal details will be stored and kept in strict confidence subject to the terms of this privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

We may also contact you to request your comments about our service and notify you about important changes made to the site or our service. With your consent we may also contact you by email about products and services that may interest you.

  1. Storage, access and correction

As required by the Privacy Act 1993, we follow strict procedures when storing and using the information you provide. We are dedicated to keeping personal information secure. This includes physical security, computer and network security, communications security and personal security.

You have rights of access to, and correction of, personal information that we hold about you. You may correct or change the information collected at any time and as often as necessary. To access, correct or change your personal information, please complete the Contact Us form on the site.

  1. Use of your information

We may use your personal information:

  3.1 To share with us(Curry Leaf, Onehunga) providing food to you.

  3.2 To share with our employees and agents to administer your account and to enable our agents to assist us in arranging promotions and programs.

  3.3 To monitor your use of our service, for the purpose of improving our service and our customer service and marketing (including marketing using non-identifiable statistics based on your use of our service) and ensuring that our service is not abused nor used wrongfully.

  3.4 To provide you with news, reports and promotional material that we believe may be useful or of interest to you.

  3.5 To comply with any statutory or regulatory obligation requiring disclosure or use of the information.

  3.6 To assist any law enforcement or governmental agency in the performance of their proper functions, if we reasonably consider disclosure or use of the information to be necessary for that purpose.

  3.7 For any use in connection with our contractual relationship with you.

  3.8 For any legitimate purpose in connection with our business.

  3.9 To compile statistical and analytical reports on the use of our service by all of our customers and end users, provided that such reports do not identify individual customers and end users.

  1. Changes to our privacy policy

We may change and update our privacy policy from time to time by updating this posting on the site. Any such change and/or update of our privacy policy will take effect when it is posted on the site. We strongly recommended you review our privacy policy whenever you use the site.