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Extensive range of classic Indian dishes

Curry Leaf for Indian Food

We are the oldest restaurant Located in the heart of Onehunga Township, Curry leaf is a traditional Indian restaurant serving a great variety of all the traditionalindian curries as well as delicious tandoori cuisine and authentic vegetarian choices. We provide Friendly and prompt service and a casual ambience. We trust that you will enjoy a truly unique and memorable dining experience whilst indulging yourself in the real taste on fine Indian cuisine.

In keeping with tradition of curries, we serve a great variety of Delhi Style PunjabiFood  – delicious Tandoori cuisine, authentic vegetarian choices coupled with other Indian Region Curries as well.Mild, medium or hot, you order it, we prepare it! Our restaurant in plain simple words...

"Unpretentious, casual ambience, friendly staff, prompt service, lip smacking Delhi style curries like ('Delhi da Butter Chicken'and Our Best seller around the year 'Delhi Lamb Shank'), truly affordable." After all "Variety is the spice of life!" or shall we say "Curry is the spice of life!"
So Enjoy...

This is a special Restaurant that everyone can enjoy, even those unfamiliar with Indian cuisine.

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GOOD news for lovers of a red hot curry-spicy food could actually help you live longer! Scientists at Coronell University in the US say that populations which enjoy a wide range of spicy foods tend to live longer than those on milder diets. This they say could be due to the antibacterial qualities of some spices which help to keep poisoning and other infection at bay. Spices such as cinnamon and cumin are especially known for their antibacterial effects other spices with protective qualities include cloves.



BRITISH SCIENTISTS believe that curry could hold the key to better anti-cancer drugs. Researchers at the University of Leicester, working with the Medical Research Council and Leicester, Royal Infirmary, suggest that cumin, which is widely used in Indian cooking, could have tumor-suppressing properties. The team is currently testing the drug and developing a tablet from for cucumis, alleviating the need for patient to eat several curries a day. According to professor Andu Gescher at Leicester University, the trials are unique:"We don't really know how the cumin gets from being parts of a curry into the target tissue in the body, and for how long it stays within the body. We are carrying out clinical trials to work this out".